All locations on the map are environmental projects that work with: Regenerative Farming, Permaculture, Reforestation, Rewilding or Environmental Awareness 


Each land project is in symbiosis with a music project that directly supports the initiative through their label releases, or fundraising events.

Expanding the symbiotic link between music culture and the environment.

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Regenerative Music Culture

An interactive global platform for environmental projects around the world to share the music they love!

Social Climate Change

We are the Weather!  Exploring the possibilities of transforming the current trend of music consumerism towards a more conscious and sustainable system, where the listener & artist have the opportunity to directly support the environment from which the music was inspired, taking an active engagement in the process, intention and roots of the music. Through the power of music, instilling the emerging spirit of sustainability into everyday life.

Music Brings People Together

Music is Direct!  Connecting music lovers and environmental projects based on mutual musical affinity… people can connect with initiatives by listening to the radio from that project. whether its music the project have created  themselves, or to what they like to listen to when they are cooking at home. If there is resonance, there is instant and intuitive trust and confidence to collaborate and support.

Rural Sprawl

Ground Down and Rise Up!  Forging and re-vitalising cultural pathways over land, that had been lost in the age of jetset flight travel. Bringing Culture back to these often isolated rural areas, Bringing fresh energy and ideas to the countryside. Establishing a interconnected network of sustainable havens for nature lovers and nomadic artists to explore, connect and collaborate. Promoting the minimisation of our carbon footprint through responsible travelling…. 

Project Amplifying

Encouraging music labels, collectives and festivals to partner with climate positive projects. Increasing the visibility of these initiatives. Creating a community platform for the emerging climate conscious music scene. Nurturing collaboration and care

Deep Listening

We aspire to a future populated by conscious exchange, where listening is at the heart of musical expression and culture. Through this conscious creation, cultivating a deep awareness of the needs of our surroundings. Where music serves as communication, attunement and collaborative interaction with all living organisms.

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