Earth Love

An immersive and interactive, multi-sensory installation

Adaptable to a diverse range of family friendly environments including; 3D sound domes, galleries, experience centres, planetariums, festivals and other ambient listening environments.
Guided show: Approx 40-60 minutes
Running installation: 45 minutes looped


In an ambient environment, participants/listeners wear wireless headphones and are immersed into a multi-sensory journey through a musical history of earth and beyond…

The voyage begins with the explosion of the Big Bang, from the creation of the elements, to the formation of earth,  from the evolution of first life.  ..riding on the elements, through the wind we hear the first whispers of early human music, transforming into a brief chronology of traditional and popular culture, and colliding into the singularity of the present day. A second Explosion… The narrative shifts into a rocket ship mission into outer space. From the viewpoint of the astronauts we arrive to an overview of planet earth from above, witnessing the planet as a whole living organism without borders. Slowly we begin to experience the cold isolation and void of space, out of which the heart warming touch of earth warms its way back in, with a newfound celestial perspective of what we call home.

Using sensitive binaural microphone placed in the middle of the space, participants can improvise and interact with the space and soundtrack… Various Instruments, machines and sound and visual objects are at hand to play, dance and react with.

The journey can be mixed Live and without a fixed length…and adaptable to the involvement of the participants and atmosphere of the space. The story is also open ended, for the participants to improvise on the continuation of the story or whatever gives rise to the moment. Each time played live is a unique experience depending entirely on the atmosphere of the space and it’s participants.

The Mission: creating space to connect with the planet as a whole and from this generate compassion and a natural responsibility for its health and well being. To cultivate awareness of ambience and attunement with ones surrounding environment. To playfully tilt the balance,  activating individuals as positive agents of change….

Visual Aspect 
A feedbacking, spinning and fractal inducing light installation, creates an ever evolving galactic ambience. Reacting and interacting with all of the elements in the space; the participants, spinning objects, reflecting surfaces and all the magic in between. Intuitively adapting to the theatrical narrative of the story.
Project Evolution
The recording of the live journey shall be mixed with what was recorded from a binaural microphone. The promoter / festival / venue host .. shall receive a unique recording of the piece.
Meaningful highlights of the audio and visual recordings shall be recycled back into the base material to continue an ongoing story. 
Core Team
Sound Arrangement & Live Mixing : 
Peter Power
Interactive live Visuals : 
Beat Sandkühler
Extra Sensory Atmosphere : 
Luana Schwengber
Optional Team 
⦿ Binaural Headphone experience:
   Eigenklang Kollektiv
⦿ Plant Music Installation : 
  Organisk Struktur 
⦿ Solar System light installation 
⦿ Vibrating Insect installation 
Complementary Options
⦿ Symbiosfera.org online platform         presentation.
⦿ ‘Ambient Mixing’ – Ableton               Workshop
⦿ Thai Chi / Yoga classes
⦿ Herbal Tea Station
⦿ Visual workshop
Binaural Headphone version concept developed in collaboration with the Eigenklang Kollektiv during the Climate Care Festival @ The Floating University - 2019

Audio Installation formats

Option A:
 Binaural Microphone + Headphones + Subwoofer (optional)

Option B:

 8 Channel 3D sound / Ambisonics

Option C:

Stereo PA (2-8 x tops + 1 x subwoofer) (limited interactivity and ambient immersion)