Symbiosfera is an autonomous, non profit organism.

A passion project, driven thus far entirely by motivation of the tremendous potential the platform has to tilt the balance of climate change. 


We believe that the way in which we engage in culture, and specifically musical culture as the most direct and powerful catalyst for social change. Through the development of this platform, we wish to nurture a blossoming climate conscious music community from the ground up.


We need your support to get the platform running to its potential.

Our progress is slow and steady, as many of us being self employed divide our time on other work to sustain ourselves. As funding comes our way, it will give us the liberty to focus our energy on Symbiosfera.


To manifest a major upgrade of the site that we have been visioning under the hood for quite some time now. Implementing many new interactive features, such as:


  • A user login profile system, for projects on the map to upload their own music to the radio, edit their profile, post events and interact with other users and projects.
  • An Interactive and embeddable Radio; with filter options for different styles, projects or regions
  •  A 3D globe version of the map, to give that ‘overview effect’
  • Events Calendar 
  • News Feed
  • And many more surprises unfolding in all dimensions
      Transforming Symbiosfera into an intuitive, playful and vibrant community driven hub.

      We will use all donations received to fund the work of these following sectors, 


      Transparent funding detail 2021

      40% – Web Development

      10% – Graphic Design 

      10% – Concept Development 

      10% – Community Building

      10% – Social Media

      10% – Administration

      10% – Accounting + Funding